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Geraldine Calitz


“I am so proud to be an Ambassador for this amazing company because their leggings describe my personality best!”

Geraldine Calitz is 23 years old.  She is a full time Website Designer and part time Photographer.  Get to know her a little bit better in her own words.

"Fitness is a lifestyle. The reason I got into the fitness is to overcome my eating disorder. I choose Crossfit because its high intensity workouts help me to push myself to new limits. I lift heavy weights to show women that everything is possible. My goal is to empower young women all over the world to do the best they can to be healthier and happier.

I chose Pantastic Pants as my go to activewear brand because they are super comfy. The variety of colors and designs ensure that I have a pair for every mood!

Pantastic Pants not only offers the best leggings on the market, but they offer the best service!

When I was given the opportunity to become an Ambassador it was a dream came true. A dream to promote the product I love for the brand that promotes good health and women empowerment. This brand is everything I stand for! The support I have received from the Pantastic Pants is unbelievable. When you buy a pair of Pantastic Pants you are not only buying the best leggings you will ever find, you are buying into Pantastic Family!"

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Angel Erskine is 35 years old, and that's how she describes herself.

"My name is Angel Erskine, a proud and thankful ambassador for Pantastic Pants.

I am a wife, a mother of two, a business owner (Telecommunications) and running a home. Time is not always on my side but I still give 100% in the gym. I do weight training and cardio with amazing coaches since September 2019. I've studied exercise and nutrition because knowledge is always power. I'm not your sporty type and growing up as the "fatty" in my family I felt the need as an adult to do better because that has always stayed with me.

Overall, I'm just your average girl working on myself and trying to get the message out that fitness isn’t just about changing your body - it can change your life if you let it.


Pantastic leggings feel like a second skin on me.

They silky soft and stylish, amazing vibrant designs and 100% squat proof, tried and tested.

Keeps me warm on our chilly days, yet breathable and cool when needed. Pantastic pants are fantastic! Every woman needs to feel empowered and these leggings will give you that extra boost of confidence."

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